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  • Ameropa Fertilizers Food Feed Danube Agriculture Careers Singapore Marina Bay




About the Foundation and the Director Role

The Ameropa Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was established by Ameropa in 2001. Its purpose is to support social, educational and agricultural projects around the world. Our project work is organized across three different areas - Sustainable Agriculture, Romania and Existing - each with their own mission and objectives. The majority of our current project portfolio falls into the Romania and Existing Projects areas, however, we are looking to shift the focus to prioritize projects that support Sustainable Agriculture and Romania based projects, as this is more aligned with the company in purpose and in strategy.

The Foundation is seeking a new Director as the first step in making that shift. The Director will be responsible for the overall success of fulfilling the Foundation’s mission and values by providing leadership, developing a future strategy, and overseeing the day-to-day operations. They will be the driving force in building our sustainable agriculture project portfolio and growing our Romania project portfolio. It will be the Director’s responsibility to accomplish the objectives and goals to ensure the mission of the organization is being fulfilled. They will report directly to the Foundation Board. 


Additional responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to the following:


  • Work collaboratively with the Board to create and implement the strategic direction and goals
  • Clarify the direction, objectives and roadmap for the sustainable farming/agriculture focus
  • Provide the leadership, communication and support to the Foundation Coordinator, local project managers and project partners
  • Develop the budget and oversee the financial management of the Foundation’s funds
  • Establish organizational policies, best practices, and procedures
  • Communicate frequently with the Foundation Board, including general day-today operational updates
  • Complete annual reports


Project Selection & Management

  • Work together with the Board to establish a funding proposal and selection process,  including proposal requirements and clear evaluation criteria
  • Build an ongoing pipeline of aligned initiatives and projects to propose to the Board for final selection, including incoming proposals as well as identifying potential new partners/projects
  • Create and implement a set of ongoing project metrics to track progress
  • Maintain regular correspondence with beneficiaries, project partners and project managers
  • Consult and advise project managers and project partners
  • Evaluate progress with partner projects, seeking out additional information and providing feedback



  • Act as a liaison and ambassador to maintain and create new relationships on behalf of the Foundation
  • Maintain good relations and communication with Ameropa Company team members
  • Create website content in efforts to better promote our purpose and our work
  • Finalize activity reports, pinboards and press releases that will increase visibility for the foundation
  • Act as primary spokesperson and representative for the Foundation
  • Respond to incoming inquiries


Ideal Experience and Qualification:

  • Part-time: 3 days per week
  • Based in Switzerland (preferred, but not required)
  • Fluent in English and German
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • 5+ years of experience in a leadership role
  • Experience in foundation or non-profit organizations and operations
  • Experience in community relations and/or corporate foundations
  • Experience in or passionate about sustainable agriculture/farming or similar

Ability to work independently, proactively, and collaborative within an organization.

To inquire or apply to this role, please send your CV/Resume and Cover Letter to foundation@ameropa.com