We want to move towards more Sustainable Food Systems 

Modern agriculture and its supply chains, of which we are a part, face three challenges: we have to make available a growing food supply; we have to do so at affordable prices; and we have to reduce our environmental footprint. Where ever we can contribute towards these goals, we must promote using modern know-how, modern practices and modern assets among our employees and our customers.


As an agribusiness, Ameropa depends on the environment. With regard to the UN Global Compact, we are committed to minimising the environmental impact we have on the environment. We are dedicated to educating ourselves and our partners, working to promote environmental responsibility. We are further continuously looking to improve and implement newer and better technologies, which reduce the environmental footprint.

  • Sustainable Agriculture
    We firmly believe that today’s society is dependent on intensive agriculture and we firmly believe that intensive agriculture is feasible sustainably. Partnering with universities and agricultural institutions, we have to promote education and development of safe and reasonable cultivation practices.
    Ameropa sees sustainable agriculture as an investment into the environment and into the fundamentals of our business. We are already working with universities and farmers’ associations to promote safe and more effective fertiliser applications, based on the principles such as the “4R” - right product, right quality, right time, right place.
  • Emissions (Air, Water, Noise)
    We comply with local regulation on emission standards and we strive to improve our environmental impact continuously.
  • Energy & CO2
    The main raw material in the production of nitrogen-based fertilisers is natural gas. As such, we are continuously improving our energy-saving and with that our environmental footprint.

    For further information, please refer to our CR Report.