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December 22, 2020

Azomures to invest 4million Euros in a new power plant

Azomures signed with E.ON Energie Romania a contract for the turnkey delivery of a new power plant that will use as raw material the residual steam generated by the plant's activity. The new power plant will generate 5% of the annual electricity consumption of the industrial platform and will reduce the energy costs of Azomuresby 4%.

The plant will operate with residual steam and will have in its technical configuration a generator and a turbine in total condensation on low pressure steam, produced by M + M Turbinen-Technik GmbH, of high efficiency and performance, adapted to the individual requirements of Azomures.

"We continue to invest in modern technologies to prepare the platform for a sustainable future. We chose to use the internal resources of residual steam, and the technology proposed by our partners folded excellently on our project. With the implementationof the project we will be able to get even closer to the targets of the Green Deal program of the European Commission. Azomures has an ambitious long-term development plan and remains one of the pillars of the Romanian industry”, said Harri Kiiski, General Manager of Azomures.

“The project realized together with Azomures represents a customized energy solution, economical, reliable and neutral from CO2emissions point of view generatedby the production of electricity in the classical way. It is a natural consolidation of trade relations through which we demonstrate E.ON's commitment as being a partner of the Romanian industry for advanced technological solutions, for reducing carbon emissions and energy efficiency ", said Cătălin Iordache, General Manager of E.ON Energie Romania.

The start of the project is scheduled for next spring and the estimated deadline for commissioning the new plant is onthe first part of 2022.With a power of 2.65 MW, the plant will cover between 5% and 6% of the plant's electricity needs. For comparison, the unit could power more than 4,600 familiesdaily. At the same time, the plant will bring a 4% reduction in electricity costs for Azomures. Among the advantages of steam turbine technology it should be mentioned: very long service life, safety in operation, being a mature technology, as well as the possibility to operate with any type of fuel.

Azomures Press Office