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January 16, 2015

Dmitry Mazepin escalates his raider attack on Togliatti Azot

For several years, Russian oligarch Dmitry Mazepin and his company Uralchem are trying to take over the Russian chemical company Togliatti Azot by all means, although he only owns approx. 10% of its shares. With a share of 12% in Togliatti Azot, Swiss based Ameropa has been a bystander sofar in the fight between Mazepin and the majority owners of Togliatti Azot. As these shareholders were not willing to sell, Mr. Mazepin has threatened to achieve his goal with criminal complaints, arrest warrants and other such methods which he could obtain through his good political connections. While he made no progress with his unfounded criminal complaints launched in 2012 in Samara, Russia, he was able to increase his pressure recently and as a result, arrest warrants were now issued against the representatives of the other shareholders, including two Swiss Board members of Ameropa, thereby fulfilling the threat made by Mr. Mazepin and drawing Ameropa directly into the struggle for control of Togliatti Azot for the first time.

Andreas Zivy, Chairman of the Board of Ameropa, says: "We vehemently deny all of the unfounded allegations of Mr. Mazepin and the unfair means employed by him to achieve his goals. Mazepin obviously intends to force us to surrender, by the use of false allegations, slander and police pressure. We also underline that whereas Togliatti Azot is in excellent financial shape despite the constant harassment by Mr. Mazepin, Uralchem has a huge debt of close to USD 4 Bio. and large losses in the current year. We shall fight with all legal means at our disposal to defend our property."