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Andreas Zivy


Andreas Zivy is Chairman of Ameropa's Holding Board, representing the third generation of shareholders.

He was born in 1955 in Basel, where he attended the Humanistic Secondary School. After graduating from the Institute of Political Science (IEP) in Paris in 1978 and working for two years in Brazil for Bunge, he started his career in Ameropa as Office Head of Ameropa France S.A. followed by various positions at Prochaska & Cie, Vienna and S.I.A.M., Caen.

In 1986 he became a Vice President of Ameropa AG in Basel, and in 1995 he was appointed Group CEO; a position which he held until 2013.

Matthias Altendorf

Matthias Altendorf is an independent member of Ameropa’s Holding Board starting July 2023.

He resides in the region of Basel and spent ten years as CEO at what is now one of Switzerland’s largest family companies, Endress + Hauser; an extremely successful, globally active company in the field of measurement equipment and process control, best known for its excellent company culture, power of innovation and high standard of digitization.  

He is also Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Endress + Hauser and a board member for Kistler Instrumente. 

Alexa Hergenröther

Alexa Hergenröther is an independent member of Ameropa’s Holding Board since June 2022.

Alexa has extensive experience in the fertilizer industry, both on the commercial and production side. Alexa rejuvenates and complements the diversity of our Board, bringing new, additional perspectives and experiences in areas of finance, M&A, renewable energy and specialty fertilizer/soil enhancing products.

Alexa is German and started her career with Deloitte as a financial auditor. She then spent the following 18 years of her career with the K+S Group in the Salt and Potash industries, during which time she held a variety of roles including Head of Tax, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions, CEO of the Sociedad Punta de Lobos in Chile, Managing Director of the K+S Kali division and finally CEO Europe of the K+S Group. Since leaving the K+S Group, Alexa has taken on Board mandates with K-Utec, Novihum and SMA Solar Technology.

Lucas Miescher

Lucas Miescher is a representiative of the 4th generation of shareholders.

Born in Basel, Switzerland in 1978, Lucas started working in Ameropa’s grain office in Vienna in 2003 after completing business school in Basel, during which time he worked at General Transport AG. In 2006, he joined Ameropa’s nitrogen desk as part of the fertiliser team in Basel and Hamburg, overseeing various regions in Asia and Europe.

From 2012, he was responsible for the marketing of Azomures products in Romania and Central Eastern Europe, as well as for related imports into that region.

In 2020, Lucas founded his own company focused on digitalisation in Agriculture, continuing a close cooperation with Ameropa.

Karin Perraudin

Karin Perraudin is an independent member of Ameropa’s Holding Board starting July 2023.

She grew up in her family company Union Fruits in the French speaking part of Switzerland after obtaining an education in Business Administration and Accounting as well as working for five years at PWC where she was Head of Administration and Finance. In view of her knowledge of the Swiss agricultural sector and her financial skills, in 2016 she became a Member of the Board of the Swiss Agricultural Cooperative Fenaco.

She is also the Chairman of the Board of the third largest Swiss health insurance company Groupe Mutuel Holding SA and has served on the Board of several other well-known Swiss companies.

Stefano Rettore

Stefano Rettore is an independent member of Ameropa’s Holding Board since 2021.

As a senior leader and investor in the agri-food sector, Stefano brings a rare combination of industry experience in both grains and fertilizers, and exposure to the new trends and technologies.

Stefano is founder of Rethink.Ag and LemanVentures, he is also a board member of Deoleo, and Vice-Chair of Farmer Connect. Stefano started his career in Europe before moving to Brazil, where he became President of CHS South America, leading the expansion of the U.S. farmers cooperative in the continent. In 2015, he moved to Geneva and became President of CHS International, leading the cooperative’s global activities in Europe, South America and Asia. In 2017 he joined ADM as Group Chief Risk Officer and member of the Executive Council. He was then appointed President of ADM Ag Services where he was responsible for the global agricultural activities, logistic transportation network and merchandising businesses

Blake Zacharias

Blake Zacharias is a representative of the 4th generation of shareholders.

He graduated in 2008 from Claremont McKenna College with a degree in Economics and Mathematics with Finance focus.

He worked as an Analyst at the investment fund Relational Investors from 2008 to 2012, when he became a partner and Senior Analyst at the investment fund Engaged Capital in Los Angeles which specializes in small and mid-cap public companies