• Ameropa Fertilizers Food Feed Danube Agriculture Plant Azomures Romania


  • Ameropa Fertilizers Food Feed Danube Agriculture Azomures Fertilizer Plant



At our production facilities, we manufacture fertilizers, which are used around the world in the cultivation of crops to feed people and animals. The invention of the chemical process to produce nitrogen fertilisers from natural gas and air spurred a massive increase in agricultural productivity, and enabled the feeding of today’s global population. Our industry's task is to optimise the contribution of fertilisers to the improvement of yield, quality, soil conservation, farming income and food security, while minimising the negative impact on the environment.

We produce approximately 1.8 MMT  of fertilizers per year via our company Azomures, the largest fertilizer production plant in Romania. 

In Hobart, Australia, our division Impact Fertilizers operates a SSP (Single Superphosphate) production plant with a capacity of 200’000 metric tons annually. Impact also operates several blending and packing facilities, where customised fertilizer formulas are produced to customers’ orders.

Ameropa is also a shareholder in Tianjin Shengrui a fertilizer plant in China, producing nitrogen-based fertilizers.



Our fertilizer merchandising activities cover all regions and most countries of the world. We have 3 hubs located in Switzerland, Singapore and Tampa, and numerous regional offices in all important fertilizer export and import markets worldwide.

We cover a broad range of fertilizer raw materials, fertilizers for blending and fertilizers for direct application as well as some chemicals related to the fertilizer industry or based on the same raw materials.

Our merchandising activities are based on: close and long-standing ties to the producers and customers; economies of scale and global logistics; and strong financing capabilities.



Ameropa’s Australian divisions - Impact Fertilisers and Brown’s – make Ameropa Australia a leading fertiliser distributor in Australia. Impact maintains a wide network of warehouses, blending and packing fertilizers according to customers’ requirements, whilst Brown’s offers a range of retail, farming and agronomy services direct to farmers.

Ameropa North America distributes fertilizers throughout the crop regions in the Midwest and Southeast. We ship fertilizers on barges up the Mississippi and Ohio rivers to be further distributed inland. To support this operation, we operate several warehouses along the supply chain route.



  • Urea
  • Ammonium Sulphate
  • Ammonium Nitrate
  • LD Ammonium Nitrate
  • CAN
  • UAN
  • NPK
  • Ammonia


  • MOP
  • SOP

Raw Materials

  • Sulphur
  • Sulfuric Acid


  • MAP
  • DAP
  • TSP
  • SSP
  • NPs
  • Phosphate Rock
  • Phosphoric Acid


  • Butyl Rubber
  • Caprolactam
  • Halobutyl Rubber
  • Melamine
  • Pa-6 Chips
  • PC
  • PE
  • PP
  • SBR
  • SKD
  • SKI-3
  • SKI-3S

Solubles / Specialities

  • Calcium Nitrate+ Carbonate
  • Magnesium nitrate
  • Technical MAP / DAP
  • Monopotassium phosphate (MKP)
  • Potassium nitrate + sulphate
  • Urea low biuret + phosphate
  • NPKs
  • Sulphates (copper, zinc, manganese)
  • Boron based products
  • Phosphoric acid tech grade