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We have evolved from a trading company into a production and supply chain management company. We have therefore made it our top priority to reach benchmark standards within the shortest possible time-frame. We remain committed to further improving the health and safety culture with our people as well as reducing the environmental footprint of our assets beyond pure compliance to be among the best in class.



Ameropa commits to strict quality controls along the supply chain. We adhere to international standards for our procedures and work with world-wide renowned inspection companies to guarantee strict compliance with governing regulations. The quality checks are not limited to only assess the goods, but also extend to contaminants in the place of storage or on the means of conveyance, for example vessel and truck.

During the fertiliser production process at Ameropa facilities, we test the raw materials, the chemical process and the final product on a continuous basis. We guarantee a wide range of specifications for all our products. Quality issues are avoided by standardised quality procedures and are incorporated into every contract. Our production, marketing and execution divisions keep all records in case of a customer complaint.



Growing populations, changing diets and the scarcity of cultivable land have become the dominating topics in agribusiness. While the growing international trade is effective in bringing surplus stocks to deficient regions, a sizable portion of the global population still does not get access to minimum daily nutritional requirements.

We see our responsibility as an agribusiness in playing our fair part in the complex supply chain that brings food to the people. Ameropa helps connect the supply chain.

Along these lines, we are also a member of the International Fertilizer Industry Association - IFA



Our grains operations work according to specific food safety procedures and are equipped compliant with local regulations. Our operational policies place great emphasis on the appropriate handling of food and feedstuffs. We require full traceability through a proper documentation process and regular quality audits are performed on stored goods and the handling process by accredited third parties.

We work with a range of independent surveyors and laboratories, in order to maintain food safety standards. Where relevant, we are GMP+, ISCC and ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 22000 and 27001 certified.




At Azomures, our Romanian fertiliser plant, we follow a product stewardship policy issued by Fertilizer Europe, the European Chemical Fertilizer Producers Association. The policy is designed to ensure the best quality of our products, while at the same time educating our customers about the most effective and sustainable way of using them. Product stewardship also promotes product research and development as well as free market practices and ethical, transparent management.



Ammonium Nitrate

Sulphuric Acid 98%

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN)

Ammonium Sulphate