• Ameropa Fertilizers Food Feed Danube Agriculture River Region


  • Ameropa Fertilizers Food Feed Danube Agriculture Danube River Region


Ameropa has established itself as a first-class regional integrator of the agricultural supply chain. We are attached to this region where we believe we are a positive force for the development of agriculture, producing and distributing inputs, financing the farmers, collecting, storing and distributing their products across the world.

We produce approximately 1.8 MMT of fertilizers per year via Azomures, the largest fertiliser production plant in Romania. This array of fertilizer products, together with other inputs (seeds and crop protection products), are then marketed and distributed by Ameropa Group companies to farmers across the region, alongside the provision of agronomical expertise and other services to our farming partners. 

We provide inputs to farmers and then merchandise their crops, leveraging our logistics and storage network throughout the region. The Chimpex port terminal is our import/export terminal, offering state of the art facilities for the shipping of cereals and oilseeds out to the Black Sea and beyond.




In 2012, we acquired Azomures, the largest Romanian fertilizer production plant with a nameplate capacity of 1.8 mn metric tons of fertilisers. Products range from (calcium) ammonium nitrate and urea to complex nitrogen phosphorous potassium (NPK) fertiliser and melamine. The output is sold in bulk or bagged on domestic, regional and export markets via trucks, trains and ocean-going vessels. Azomures is the biggest employer in the Transylvanian region of Romania.




Our grains supply chain starts with the farmers. We supply them with farming inputs, such as fertilizers (including Azomures products), seeds and/or crop protection.

Through our various subsidiaries – Ameropa Grains, Promat, Agroind, Konzul and MG Produkt - Ameropa originates cereals and oilseeds in the Danube region. Origination means that we buy grains directly from farmers, offering logistical services, technical know-how and financing. Ameropa works together with thousands of small and big farmers, helping them to market their produce across the world. Once off the farm, our supply chain then ensures the grains’ quality for future processing into food and animal feed.




Chimpex in Constanta is a port operator with the capacity to handle grains, fertilisers and general cargo. It operates 10 berths with a maximum draft of 13.5 meters and total storage capacity of roughly 600’000 metric tons. Intake is via sea, rail or road.

Between them, our businesses in the Danube operate a large network of warehouses and silos for the storage, handling, processing and onward distribution of cereals, oilseeds and fertilizers across the region.